We've come this far by faith.
Church History

 We've come this far by faith.  The Mount Zion Baptist Church was organized early in 1947.  Mount Zion got its start from the Union Baptist Church.  The late Reverend Crenshaw was then the Pastor of the Union Baptist Church.  He gave authority to establish a new church in the community.  A few active members came together and organized what is now called Mount Zion Baptist Church.  Reverend Thomas A. Ponds was elected as their first Pastor.  The place of worship for members of the newly formed Church was in the vicinity of Franklin Street and North Pearl Street.  The first Chairman of Deacons was Deacon Joseph Hunt; Senior Choir president, Sister Berta Moore; Organist, Sister Hunt; Missionary president, Sister Habrillo Hunt; Usher's president, Sister Beatrice Parker; First mother, Janie Jacob; and other members Sister Mildred Wright, Brother Morrell Diggs, and Sister Mattie Tarver.  

 In 1954, under the leadership of Reverend George Harris, the Lord blessed us to purchase a church building at 86 Schuyler Street in Albany, New York.  The Church grew spiritually, and many were added to the membership.  Reverend George Harris was a great man of God; he worked hard with the congregation's members.  The Mount Zion Baptist Church owned houses near Catherine Street, which were later sold.  Reverend George Harris became ill, and Reverend Ernest Hamilton served as interim Pastor from 1955-1956.  Reverend George Harris pastored until the Lord called him home.  

We were then without a shepherd, so the Church called to pastor Reverend James U. Smythe in 1961.  Under the advice of Reverend James U. Smythe, a new heating system was installed.  Soon after that, Reverend Dardell was ordained under his leadership.  Reverend Dardell moved to North Carolina.  Reverend Richard Edward served as assistant pastor and he later moved his membership to Schenectady, New York.  Reverend Smythe was a community worker and greatly loved the Church.  He was later called to pastor The Morning Star Baptist Church in Buffalo, NY.  

Reverend James Ward was a member of the Mt. Zion Baptist church.  He came from The Community Church of God in Christ of Troy, New York.  He was ordained a Baptist minister to Pastor The Mt. Zion Baptist Church by the Mt. Zion Baptist association, where the Reverend Thomas Jenkins was the moderator.  The Church grew, and many were added to the membership.  He resigned as Pastor in 1974 and later moved to North Carolina.  

 Reverend Rexford P. Charlow was called to pastor the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in December 1974.  Under his pastorship, the mortgage was burned, new carpeting was installed, and a new roof was put on the Church.  The Reverend Frank Turner served as an assistant to the Pastor.  Deacon Robert McDougald and Deacon Robert Ingram were called into ministry to preach the gospel they were licensed by the Church.  Reverend Robert Ingram is now the Pastor of a Methodist Church in North Carolina.  The Church continued to grow spiritually.  Due to illness, Reverend Rexford P. Charlow moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he later went to be with the Lord in January 1994.  

With much prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church called to pastor Reverend Dr. Robert L. Bradley Sr. on November 4, 1995.  Under his leadership, the rear balcony was renovated, pews were restored and covered, and new light fixtures were installed in the dining hall.  The Pastor and his family were an inspiration to our Church.  Pastor Bradley retired and preached his final sermon at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on July 18, 2021.  

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, the members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church met and, by a unanimous vote, elected Reverend Jahmel K. Robinson as the 7th Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Reverend Robinson preached his first sermon as Pastor-Elect on Sunday, July 25, 2021.